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Class Type

Live class is…. Privare Tutor Class is … 

Create a catchy title! The title is the main thing that parents and students will read when choosing classes! You will have plenty of space to give all of the details and explanations of the class in the class description section.

Choose which subject your class best fits into. e.g. asdasdasd asdasdasd asdasda asdasd asdasd asdasd asddad asdas.

You may select multiple grades, however; please be mindful of the grade levels allowed for students who will be enrolled in your class. My Home School Family does not recommend having more than 3 grade levels in one class for the experience of the learners involved.

***NOTE FOR DEVELOPERS: this should be drop-down multi select options (with check box)

Maximum number of students that can attend course at the time.

All classes must have a fee charged for the learner.  While we do allow a minimum fee of $1.50, we recommend charging anywhere from $5-$15 per hour depending on if it is a core class or an elective

Class Description

Here is where you can make your class shine!  Be descriptive about what the class is about and what the students will learn.  If the class does not sound fun and engaging, people will NOT choose it! 

Use this section to detail how many times the class will meet. What your expectations are for your students. How much time will they need to plan for homework each week? What expectations do you have for the parents? Will they be required to grade homework, quizzes/tests? Don’t assume they know what you know. The clearer your class description is, the less you will have to answer ongoing clarification emails and questions.

The longer your class duration, the more detail you should have. If you have a one-time class, there will not need to be as much detail needed, compared to a longer semester or year-long course.

Class Duration

Please list any additional benefits a student gains through this class. Think about your end goals and what you are specifically aiming for.

Please list if there are any pre-requisites or requirements such as; textbooks, supplies, downloads, printouts etc. that your students needs to know prior to the first class.

If you have any materials that are being provided in a downloadable format, please include instructions here for the student. Use the button bellow to upload materials available for download. You can upload all files at once or file by file.

Upload Materials

***NOTE FOR DEVELOPERS: After attachment(s) is uploaded it should show  message: “Attachment upload successful.” For each attachment if possible

Class thumbnail image

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Adding a thumbnail image is a must!!  This is the first thing that will draw the user to your class.  Take the time to upload clear images that fit your class. Use Google or any other type of search engine to find something appealing, if necessary. 

*Important Guideline: 700×430 pixels
File Support: jpg, .jpeg,. gif, or .png no text on the image.

Upload Image

***NOTE FOR DEVELOPERS: After image is upload it should either show image or show message: “Image upload successful.”

Class Intro Video

If you have a video that you would like to attach as a source for description, you can upload it in this area. This will show only to enrolled students.

*Important Guideline: Video can be either uploaded or provided by link (youtube, vimeo, HTML5…)
for upload maximum file size is 150MB
File Support: avi, .mov,. mp4, or .mpeg 

Upload video

***NOTE FOR DEVELOPERS: After video is upload it should show message: “Video upload successful.”


Your class is ready to roll. Press publish and your class will be online imediately after approvall.

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