Because online instruction is in the midst of a historic growth streak in the US

My Home School Family offers you a great opportunity to teach, tutor or learn – Live Online!

Become a teacher or tutor in our Virtual Classrooms and set your own schedule, class offerings, class size and fee and teach children from all over the world from the comfort of your own home.

Would you enjoy teaching other students while you are preparing lesson for your own kids as well? Maybe your children are all grown, but you still feel like you have a lot to offer other families in the way of knowledge. Maybe you are already a full-time teacher, but would like to supplement your income by offering some classes based on your own personal favorite subjects!.  We have created a place just for you!

Teacher Overview

The My Home School Family website is a site where educators can build their own library of classes and tutoring sessions that are based around their own personal interests. Each educator controls their class options, fees, schedule, and content.

All MHSF educators receive 80% of their class fees while MHSF retains 20%.

  • Each educator is their own independent contractor utilizing the MHSF platform to build, promote and teach classes.
  • All educators must adhere to the MHSF  Educator Class Content Policy located under the Code of Conduct section in Terms & Conditions.
  • During the registration process, a mandatory, and annual background check is necessary for all Educators to teach on the MHSF website.  Background check fee is  $19.95 yearly and paid by the Educator during signup.
  • Each educator is granted their own unique Zoom license, which automatically links directly to their classes.
  • A topic builder allows for the educator to create scheduled online lessons and automatically graded quizzes & tests throughout their course.
  • Appealing design visible to the public once classes are published.
  • Educators have full access to all learners within the MHSF site.
  • Fast & secure online payments through Paypal.  Educator must have a Paypal account, which you can create under your MHSF profile.
  • Educators can withdraw money from their account at will. Minimum balance must be $20.
  • Ability to chat with enrolled students through the platform.
  • An organized list of classes, enrolled students and their email addresses for easy communication back and forth.
  • Ongoing marketing is done to continue to build a larger MHSF community.

How does online teaching work?

Online teaching in our virtual Classrooms has been created with homeschool parents and teachers in mind.  We know you already have a lot on your plate and we want this to be an easy process for everyone.   Simply create an Educator Account and when the background check has been cleared, you will have full access to begin inputting each class into your own personal library.  Follow the step by step process of choosing class title, description, date, time, number of students who can enroll and so on.  You can publish a class immediately or save it as a draft and publish it when you are ready for the public to view it and sign up. 

Once it is live, students and families are able to view all of the details and register for the class.  The fee will be paid immediately from the family enrolling and be directly received in your MHSF account in your educator profile, which can be withdrawn at your leisure.  Once the fee is paid, the student is considered registered. Educators have a personalized dashboard which gives detailed reports about their classes, earnings, enrollments and more.

If it sounds too simple, that’s because it is!


We’ve listed the process in 4 easy steps.  If you still have questions, please see our Q & A section or contact us, we are happy to help!

1. Create Account

Select Sign In at the top of the page and click “Create Account”.  Next, choose “Register Here” under the Educator Account from the following page. Fill in all of the required information. 

2. Create Profile

Once your account has been activated, you will receive an email letting you know that you can create your personal profile which tells families a little bit about yourself.

3. Input Classes

Build your class library by adding classes that you wish to teach or subjects you would like to offer tutoring in.  Input all of the necessary information that students will need for your class.  Save the class as a draft for later use, or publish to make your class live for families to view!

 Happy Teaching!

3. Help Guides

We have prepared guides that will help you through the entire process, from creating your account to setting up zoom meetings with your students.

Read guides HERE