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We have collected an array of questions from end users and visitors and listed them below to help everyone during their MHSF experience. If you do not see an answer to your question below, please contact us and we will get back with you with an answer. If we really like the question, it will be added to the list below and you can personally be proud knowing that was “YOUR QUESTION“! 🙂

No, the site is completely free, however; if you wish to buy curriculum or utilize the Virtual Classrooms, you will pay the fee for that specific product or class.


My Home School Family was created with you in mind! The creators of the site have just completed their 14th year of homeschooling and have put numerous functions into this website specifically to help families get started. We offer everything from Homeschool 101, as well as a place to buy and sell curriculum, lesson plans and so much more. Please contact us if you can’t find the answers you are looking for!


It’s very easy! Simply take a picture of educational items you wish to sell. Upload them to the site and add your description. Be as descriptive as you can be with the item being clear about the condition and quality. You can also upload any of your self-made items such as lesson plans, attendance forms, worksheets, videos etc. However, these must be your own creations and follow all guidelines including that self-made resources may not be copy-written from any other source. Once your item is ready, simply upload it to the site.


Yes, feel free to teach with a Christian perspective, just be sure to select that option when creating your class so it shows up in your class description.


My Workspace is a safe location where you can not only build worksheets, lesson plan templates or any type of document you would need within your own home school, but you can also store it in location and have access to it anywhere you need even, if you don’t have access to your computer.


My Home School Family (MHSF) has created an environment in which educators and learners can come together in a live online atmosphere for the goal of learning. We feature a variety of live class options from core classes to classes that are strictly for enrichment only.


Online classes involve an educator creating a class with all of the necessary information needed and scheduling a meeting time. Learners can view those class options once the educator publishes them. Educators and Learners then gather together online at the scheduled meeting time.


Classes vary in how long and often they meet. Some enrichment style classes meeting just once or a few times and other classes that are core based could meet up to 32 times for a complete yearly course. This varies by educator and content.


Getting started is easy! Just create a Learner Account, verify your email and then log in with your credentials to begin enrolling in classes.


All worksheets, homework assignments and documents can be shared directly through the site from educator to learner and vice versa. Learners and educators can also correspond directly through the website if they wish, or educators may assign their email address if needed for communication for classes that are ongoing.


Yes. Learner safety is our top priority. We take every opportunity to set guideline and safety protocols for all of the MHSF community. All teachers are vetted prior to teaching, and classes are recorded for the safety of all learners.


Yes! Each class is streamed via Zoom and all meetings on My Home School Family are password protected to be sure that only the educator and learners enrolled in a particular class have access. Only the educator has the ability to control certain features such as audio, video and screen sharing. In the event that a situation occurs, the educator can take immediate action.


Absolutely! We would love to have you. MHSF is open for anyone interested in teaching, tutoring or learning. If you or your child is a full time student, you can utilize and classes that are geared more for enrichment.


Yes, payments within the MHSF website are safe and secure. You can utilize any form of card payment as well as Paypal and your payment will be processed safely through Stripe an industry-leading payment processing company.


All classes are created and scheduled in the time zone of the educator teaching the class. Class times are listed with the educator’s time zone and indicated in the class listing.


Typically, a class session is one geared to teach multiple students at the same time. A tutoring session is a private, one on one session between the Tutor and the learner. These sessions are intended to help the learner advance in a specific area that they may be having difficulty learning.


All that is needed is a device that has both a camera and a microphone. Most computers and laptops have these devices built right in.


Yes, due to the need for each learner to sign in to their personal account, each would need their own device.
What if I have enrolled one child and have another who wishes to participate as well?
Any additional children that you have that wish to sit in and listen to the teaching are more than welcome, however, they must remain off screen. Also, if they are not registered as an actual learner, they will not have access to any documents that are being shared by the educator, nor will they be allowed to participate in class discussions as that is strictly for registered users.


Yes, it is always great for parents to take an active role in their childs’ learning, however, we ask that parents remain off screen and not participate in class discussions as the educator has scheduled the appropriate amount of teaching time based on the number of enrolled learners. If you do have a question, it is best to communicate with the Educator through the website once the class is completed. These guidelines may vary when enrolling your child in a tutoring style session and this would be up to the tutor themselves as to how much parent involvement would be allowed.


Yes, for the safety and experience of all involved, we do require that both audio and video is enabled. Not only does this create a more social experience for everyone, but it also verifies to everyone in the class that the learner is indeed who they are registered to be. If you have a specific need that you would like us to consider, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss.


Classes are fully refundable up to a week in advance, without questions asked. Please see our refund policy for more detailed information.


Yes, classes that are credit worthy may count on your transcript. However, schools, districts and states vary widely in rules regarding credits, so it is best to verify those rules to be sure.


Yes, adults (Over the age of 18) can take any classes that are geared for adult level and stated as 18+ in the class description.


Just a standard cable internet will work which has a 3-Mbps upload speed and a 1-Mbps download speed.  You can check your speed by going to www.speedtest.net to test our internet speed.


Currently, our classes are all live and students will have a scheduled time to attend.  We will be adding OnDemand classes in the future, but we believe that, especially during this time where so many people are isolated, the live classes gives a sense of belonging to students.

Each class is different and has different requirements.  If an educator has class requirements, they will list all details in their class descriptions, which can be viewed prior to registration for that class.

For ongoing classes that require homework, studying for quizzes and tests etc. the educator will decide who will do the grading.  As each educator is different, some may wish to keep the parents involved with the grading, while others may simply want to grade and then update parents on scores.  The details of that will be in the class description.

Our goal here at My Home School Family is to come alongside the parent to help educate students.  We desire full and open communication between parents and the educators.  Families can utilize our site for communications directly to the educator, or for ongoing classes, they may wish to have you connect with them through email.  Either way, we want parents to be involved in the education their child receives.