The Strong Child “Reading and Writing Workshop”

"Children Learn What They Live!"  (Caption for Picture!) "Reading and Writing Workshop for Young Children" "Children learn what they live!"  They learn by imitation and modeling!  They learn from us: parents, teachers, friends, etc.  Just like baby ducks learn to swim from their mothers, children learn through imitation and modeling defined as imprinting.  From my experiences of teaching young children in classroom and one-on-one tutoring settings (25+years), children can learn to “picture read and write” at an early age. This class is a “workshop environment”, providing students the freedom and necessary tools to become fluid in reading and writing.  Through the exposure to reading books and writing samples, the students learn to read and write at their comfortable reading and writing abilities.  By using an eclectic approach, language skills are targeted through the use of notable and current curricula. The main objective of this workshop is to provide a gamut of reading and writing materials whereby the students select materials that address their unique learning capacities. With this goal, students will become “longer and stronger” readers and writers and find joy in this learning process. In this workshop, we use the learning tools of children's readers at different levels: emergent readers, early readers, and fluid readers. Each student will also have an individual journal for writing. In creating a “low key”, healthy, learning environment the students learn from “reading buddies”, read-aloud” experiences, Celebrity Readers (adults invited to read-aloud), and creating active listeners.  At one of my experiences teaching at “The Villa Grade School” in Erie, PA, the students learned from one another using the “British School” model.  This model professes that young children learn best from older children.  I found this process most encouraging and inviting for students to embrace the reading and writing process at an early age. So…why are you waiting?  Sign up for this class and help your child (student) be the best that he/she can be in reading and writing skills!      
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