Story of the World: Volume 3/Early Modern Times (4th-5th)

Story of the World is a well-written four-year history that opens doors into the history of the world, through short, engaging stories, written for young minds. The accompanying Activity Book includes review cards, coloring pages, maps, and many supplemental, hands-on activities. In the '20-'21 school year we will study Volume 3: Early Modern Times, which covers 1500-1850. Lessons will be read at home and during our weekly online class we will review, create, build, color maps, dress-up and taste, as we explore World History. Each student will need a Textbook and an Activity book. Siblings can share a Text, old or revised. Please order the revised edition of the Activity book. Students need a 3-ring binder to hold class work and a zipper pocket with colored pencils and a sharpener. Parents may want to 3-ring drill the students pages (back half of the Activity Book)
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