Sign Language 2

Sign Language 2.  If you already have the Manual Alphabet down pat; can finger spell and read someone else fingerspelling pretty well; and you know 50-60 Signs already, then go ahead and jump in here.  Each week we will practice fingerspelling and numbers, and will add Nature Signs, Church Signs, and other vocabulary that leads to deeper conversation.  By the 3rd week we will be conversing in Sign Language. This is the 2nd class, which gives students who want to learn quickly, a chance to move forward at an accelerated pace. It also gives students who already have some experience in ASL a chance to skip the basics and move right into the level that fits them best. Whether you have done clubs and classes with me or someone else, I am happy to help you figure out where you will thrive. There will be plenty of opportunity to get to know others and build friendships with students from around the US. This class is a whole lot of fun, too! This class meets 12 times through the summer. *If you are interested in this class, but the time does not fit with your schedule, email me at
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