Physical Science

This course is a 30 week, two semester Physical Science class with labs.  We will be using the Exploring Creation with Physical Science, 3rd edition by Apologia.  I've enjoyed teaching this course for several years, but the updated edition is wonderful!  We will cover chemistry, physical science, and physics to help your student gain a solid foundation to confidently complete high school level courses in each topic.  In this updated edition there will be all new content that makes it a true physical science course that focuses on chemistry (4 modules) and physics (6 modules). In addition, this course shows how chemistry and physics are integral to understanding earth science (2 modules) and life science (1 module).  The first module reviews science basics and the last module covers how to do science research and write a science paper. All of this will prepare students for a more in-depth study of biology, chemistry, and physics in high school. We will be doing most of our experiments together virtually and have a few fun projects to round out a full year of Physical Science!.  Your student will have assignments to complete at home during the week which we will review during class time along with exploring new material and doing our experiments. 

Required Text: Exploring Creation with Physical Science by Apologia (3rd edition) Student Textbook, and the Student Notebook 

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