JUNE Music Club – LEVEL: Conversational

Music Club - LEVEL: Conversational American Sign Language is an expressive and beautiful language. Songs in sign language are equally expressive and, many times, are more beautiful than the vocal versions.  If you’re interested in learning how to sign songs, this is the club for you!  We are going to do one traditional hymn and one contemporary song of the group’s choosing in each month-long club. Themed Clubs are for students who have completed Introduction to ASL, know the Manual Alphabet and Numbers; have at least 100 signs in their noggin; have a working understanding of ASL; and can participate in a meaningful conversation in Sign Language. These Clubs are designed to be Conversational or Silent (advanced, where no voice used).  The students in each group will decide how their group will communicate. Each Club lasts one month, and then another club can be chosen.  The goal of each is to develop a deeper understanding of Deafness, the Deaf Experience and Deaf Culture, with the goal of ministering to and sharing the Gospel with people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. Use the code 3forMe! At checkout to receive $10 off your order of 3 Summer Sign Club classes.
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