Introduction to Sign Language: High School (Wednesday)

Sign Language is Fun and Engaging and so is this class. This class is intentionally small so students can build friendships as they get to know each other.  These are LIVE classes, not videos.  I am an experienced teacher, and have been teaching Sign for more than 25 years. I work with students to develop habits and skills that lead to fluency.  Small group instruction, ensuring a firm foundation of good habits for finger spelling and signs. Within this course, students will work to master the Alphabet, numbers, greetings and first 100 signs. We not only learn signs that lead to conversation and fluency, we learn about Deaf Culture, Ministry and Relationships.  Sign Language is meant to be used, not to just be learned to check off a credit.  There are many, many opportunities for ministry with people who are deaf all across this nation. We will talk about how we can use what we are learning to bless others.      
Price: $150.00
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