Human Anatomy & Physiology

Every day we are alive, we live inside of a physical body so it is helpful to have understanding of how your body works.  This course is the study of anatomy (structure) and physiology (function) of the human body.   The organ systems of the body are studied individually but we also see how they interact.  The textbook is quite detailed & sometimes challenging but I try to distill it down for the students so that they understand the basics.
As a high-school level course, students should expect to spend 45-60 minutes per school day on biology. Students are expected to read each chapter and do the chapter Study Guide, take notes in class, study review list before the test, complete lab reports or other reports as assigned, and complete tests.  As an online class, I will demonstrate labs & share photos of what would be seen under microscope.  Some labs may be done at home.  During the spring semester, there are dissection labs (cow eye, sheep heart, fetal pig).  Information will be provided if student wants to purchase their own specimens and dissection tools (approx $50) to dissect at home. Please see Material section for textbook and supply information.
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