Family Class Pt 2

Here is an opportunity for the family to learn a language together, learn another way to communicate with each other, and discover a way to minister to others in Jesus' name. Sign Language is a beautiful, attainable language, and this class can be enjoyed by students and parents from age 10 and up.  Each family can have up to 3 students on at the same time; and the class will have a maximum of 9 people (3 families).  Learning as a family gives all of those participating the opportunity to practice at home, with those who are most familiar. This daily opportunity to practice means that learning progresses faster and memory is sparked most often. This is really a great way for kids and parents to learn and grow together. If the scheduled time does not work for you, let the instructor know, as there is flexibility. The cost per family for the Summer class is 250, since we will only meet for 10 weeks.
Price: $300.00
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