Exploring Middle School Literature-First Semester

This class is a rich and in-depth literature study designed to get students thinking deeply and critically.  Drawing from Michael Clay Thompsons' 4-Level Literature program, Center for Lit’s “Teaching the Classics” Socratic Discussion techniques, Memoria Press’s Literature series and other sources, students will gain a deep understanding of the literature chosen.  (Throughout the course of both semesters we will study short stories and poems as well as Treasure Island, Anne of Green Gables, and The Time Machine.)  Class will also include lots of fun enrichment activities like designing a book jacket, creating edible models and cooking projects, Minecraft build challenges (for those interested, not required), art projects and more!  Students will learn essential Vocabulary terms, be quizzed on “mystery quotes”, learn how to think and write creatively and critically about what they are reading and participate in Socratic Discussions throughout the course of the year. "I really enjoyed this class!  I loved the books we read (especially Anne of Green Gables!) and I learned how to think much more deeply about literature."  Liv-Middle School student
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