Entrepreneurship: Creating a Kickin’ Business Plan

This is a one-on-one class where students are directed on how to research and write a Business Plan in one semester, and then Launch and Market the Business in the 2nd semester.   Successful Businesses start with a well-thought out and researched Business Plan. Creating this plan is energizing, interesting and fun.  Each student will be working on his or her own plan. Do you have what it takes to operate and manage your own business? This course helps students build a business from the ground up, experiencing all aspects of planning a new venture--from determining the personal vision to conducting a market analysis and looking at start-up costs. In doing so, students learn how businesses truly drive the local and global economy. Entrepreneurship, which is a live class, not prerecorded, combines the flexibility of Internet-based learning with the benefits of face-to-face instruction. LEARNING GOALS: Goal 1: Business Plan- Design, modify and present a professionally written business plan
Goal 2: Finances- Analyze the financial outlook for a start-up business venture.
Goal 3: Marketing- Create a company image and design a marketing/branding strategy.
Goal 4: Organization- Recommend appropriate business ownership/organization and management set-up.               
Goal 5: Personal Vision- Assess entrepreneurial attributes and evaluate a business venture against   personal vision.
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