Creative Drama! (grades 3-5)

A fun-filled adventure for younger children! In this high energy class students will participate in exercises designed to increase their focus and concentration, imagination and creative thinking skills. This class focuses on Creative Drama activities, including storytelling, movement, improvisation and pantomime.  Students will learn basic acting skills and will be involved in the making of various scenes to perform.  Things look a little different online as students cannot be physically together, but that will not stop us!  The show must go on!  This class is great for both girls and boys! "Thank you for being my teacher!  I love this class so much and I will be in your class again next year!  It was really fun.  All my love."  Savannah-Elementary School student "Thank you for teaching me Drama!  I love it!  You are my favorite teacher!  I hope that you have an awesome Christmas and I hope that you like my present!"  Katie-Elementary School student
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