AUGUST 2021 Summer Sign Club: Introduction – ASL Basics (Intro 1)

Introduction: ASL Basics  Come on in and get your feet wet in the shallow end of the Signing Pool.  You will learn the manual Alphabet, Common Greetings, Family and Relationship Signs, and the basics of ASL Syntax. This is a fun and encouraging way to learn the basics.  No previous experience necessary.  This class is a part of Three Levels of Introduction which gives students who want to learn quickly, a chance to move forward at an accelerated pace. It also gives students who already have some experience in ASL a chance to skip the basics and move right into the level that fits them best. Whether you have done clubs and classes with me or someone else, I am happy to help you figure out where you will thrive. All Three Levels of Introduction will be offered June, July and August.
Price: $40.00
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