ASL 3: A Silent Class – part 2

This is a rigorous course that fulfills the requirements for high school credit towards a foreign language.  This is a 14 week course. In Sign Language 3: A Silent Class, students will further develop their ASL proficiency and dive deeper into deaf culture and history.  They will learn more about the role of the interpreter in the community, especially the role of interpreting in a church setting. This course has a goal of developing receptive and expressive ability, that allows recognition and demonstration of more sophisticated grammatical features of American Sign Language (ASL), each class meeting will be silent (using only Sign Language to communicate). Students will also work to increase fluency and accuracy in finger spelling and numbers. Sign 3 is focused on interpreting - both Sign to English and English to Sign. Students must complete Conversational Sign, Parts 1 and 2 to take part in this course. Please contact the Instructor if you would like an assessment of skills to determine which class is right for you.
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