Acting Series: Public Speaking and Storytelling

This class in the Acting series is designed to give the actor greater confidence and stage presence.  Students will learn Acting basics and effective techniques for Public Speaking and Storytelling.  They will also learn tips to enhance their stage presence and will get tons of experience in talking in front of others in a NON-intimidating atmosphere!  I am super encouraging and the class will be as well.  In order to gain the most benefit from the Acting program, students are recommended to take all classes in the Acting series, in any order.  Each teaches new and different skills with completely new activities.  This will result in a well-rounded, experienced actor. "I really enjoyed it!!  Mrs. Noetzel, you are a great teacher.  I felt safe and understood in your class both years.  I am more confident with really letting myself loose and being myself." Savannah-High School student "Keep on doing what you’re doing!"  Mary Grace-Middle School student
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