Acting Series: Performing Shakespeare

This class in the Acting Series is designed to introduce acting students to Shakespeare and instill in them the love and appreciation of the beauty of his language.  Performing Shakespearean monologues will be the key focus of this semester's class.  Students will learn how to break down the words and emotions, create a character, and analyze the scene from which their monologue is taken.  Both the teacher and the students will perform during the semester and be involved in Acting activities that increase the students skill on-stage.  We will also read a Shakespearean play together and discuss it. Other possibilities include, if time permits: learning the art of Swordfighting and Stage Combat and performing short scenes with a partner over Zoom.  A great class for both ladies and gents!  In order to gain the most benefit from the Acting program, students are recommended to take all classes in the Acting series, in any order.  Each teaches new and different skills with completely new activities.  This will result in a well-rounded, experienced actor. "Thank you for teaching Taelor Acting and the Theatre!  You teach in such a positive way with fun activities and games that promotes such an appreciation for the Arts.  Taelor has had such great and unique experiences as a result of your class.  Thank you for inspiring and motivating while you teach Acting!"  Alicia C.-parent of a middle school student
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