Acting Series: Acting 101! (grades 6-12) Evening Class

This class in the Acting series is designed to give the student a solid foundation in Acting skills!  Students will gain experience and skill while doing Improvisation, Monologues, and Scene study.   Improvisation means to act on the spot without any pre-planning.  This sounds scary, but in actuality, is one of the most interesting aspects of learning how to be a strong actor and it is SUPER fun!  Students will play a warm-up Drama game or Acting exercise every class period that will enhance their acting skills in very meaningful ways!  Students will learn how to create a character, analyze a monologue, and make directing choices that enhance their performance.   Then, students will be put into groups to rehearse and perform scenes from well-known plays.  In order to gain the most benefit from the Acting program, students are recommended to take all classes in the Acting series, in any order.  Each teaches new and different skills with completely new activities.  This will result in a well-rounded, experienced actor. "Thank you for teaching Taelor Acting and the Theatre!  You teach in such a positive way with fun activities and games that promotes such an appreciation for the Arts.  Taelor has had such great and unique experiences as a result of your class.  Thank you for inspiring and motivating while you teach Acting!"  Alicia C.-parent of a middle school student "This class is my favorite class I have ever taken! It always made me feel at home.  I feel welcome here unlike in my other classes.  I definitely know my acting has grown since being in this class and I also think my confidence has grown a lot."  Haley-High School student "You are an amazing teacher and a great actor!  Thank you for all you did this year."  Zoe-Middle School student "The most important thing I have learned is that teamwork and hard work are the best things."  Lariah-Middle School student
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