This Class is specifically taught with a biblical worldview.

In this class, your children will begin exploring the dynamics of flight and animal classification, understanding why the design we see in these incredible creatures..Read More

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Grade: 2nd, 3rd, 10th | Instructor Name: Wendy Parris

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  • Students will be required to purchase the Apologia Exploring Creation with Zoology 1 Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day junior Journal.
  • I will demonstrate all labs in class and provide a list for those who wish to try them again at a later time.
  • Additional assignments will be required as well as something suggested books to read and videos to watch outside of class time.

Class description


In this class, your children will begin exploring the dynamics of flight and animal classification, understanding why the design we see in these incredible creatures points us to our Creator God. Then, get ready for the exciting adventure of learning about birds. Your children will learn how to attract various bird species to your yard and identify them by looking at their special physical characteristics, diverse nests, and interesting domestic practices. They will also learn the anatomy and the glorious design that enables birds to do remarkable things. The text contains actual experiments on the preferences and habits of the birds your children see. These experiments further enrich the learning experience.

After becoming amateur ornithologists, your children will explore the world of chiropterology, which is the study of bats. They will be able to intelligently share with others the value of bats in our world while exposing the misconceptions that most people have regarding these docile creatures of the night. Your children will then investigate entomology, the study of insects. They will learn to scientifically classify insects they find in their yard by a simple glance at their wings and other important characteristics. In addition to designing experiments with flies, crickets, darkling moths, and caterpillars, they will also learn how to attract and catch insects for scientific study.

When your children complete this class of zoology, they will never view nature in the same way again. Their eyes will be open to the different species that live in their midst, enjoying and understanding nature to the fullest. Vacations will become educational experiences as they notice birds and insects inhabiting the areas they visit. By learning to keep a field journal, they will be able to notice unusual circumstances or sudden increases in bird or insect populations. They will become true scientists as they come to know nature and the fascinating world that God created.

What Will I Learn?

  • Your child will treasure this Junior Notebooking Journal as he/she makes it their very own with words and illustrations, reflecting all he/she has learned in their pursuit of science. Additionally, the journal will serve as your record of your student’s scientific endeavors. When your child flips through their notebook, he/she will be reminded of the knowledge they have attained as they peruse the pages he/she have created. A variety of activities include full-color mini-books, additional fun experiments, crosswords, and supplementary materials.
  • Lessons will include:
  • Explanation of Zoology: Animal classification, Latin, Binomial Nomenclature, Instinct, Extinction
  • Flight, Drag, Airfoil
  • Identifying Birds, Field Marks
  • Bird Behavior, Habitat, Territory
  • Communication and Calls
  • Types of Feathers
  • Flight, Migration, Flocks
  • Nesting
  • Hatching
  • Bats
  • Flying Reptiles
  • Insects
  • Beetles, Flies, True Bugs
  • Interesting Insects
  • Order Lepidoptera

Class information

  • Class Length: 1h
  • Teacher Assisted:
    Wendy Parris
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