Entrepreneurship: Creating a Kickin’ Business Plan

This Class is specifically taught with a biblical worldview.

This is a one-on-one class where students are directed on how to research and write a Business Plan in one semester, and then Launch and..Read More

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Grade: 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th | Instructor Name: Carroll Sue Priddy

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  • After the first three weeks, students will meet with me 1:1; and in small, on-line groups to discuss next steps and progress. Later in the semester we will come together as a class again.

Class description


This is a one-on-one class where students are directed on how to research and write a Business Plan in one semester, and then Launch and Market the Business in the 2nd semester.


Successful Businesses start with a well-thought out and researched Business Plan. Creating this plan is energizing, interesting and fun.  Each student will be working on his or her own plan.

Do you have what it takes to operate and manage your own business? This course helps students build a business from the ground up, experiencing all aspects of planning a new venture–from determining the personal vision to conducting a market analysis and looking at start-up costs. In doing so, students learn how businesses truly drive the local and global economy. Entrepreneurship, which is a live class, not prerecorded, combines the flexibility of Internet-based learning with the benefits of face-to-face instruction.

Goal 1: Business Plan- Design, modify and present a professionally written business plan
Goal 2: Finances- Analyze the financial outlook for a start-up business venture.
Goal 3: Marketing- Create a company image and design a marketing/branding strategy.
Goal 4: Organization- Recommend appropriate business ownership/organization and management set-up.               
Goal 5: Personal Vision- Assess entrepreneurial attributes and evaluate a business venture against   personal vision.

What Will I Learn?

  • Students are able to work independently, while having the support and input from the group.
  • Each student works on his or her Business Plan.
  • Having researched and written their own plan, the student has a deeper understanding of the industry, competitors and customers.
  • Students will interview other business owners in the same industry, gaining first hand knowledge from experts.

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    Carroll Sue Priddy
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About the instructors

Hi. I'm Carroll Sue, and I love hearing about how someone made their dream come true. Success stories are my fuel. When I meet someone who doesn't know how to reach their own goals or even what those goals could be, I like to work with him or her to develop a path to Success. My husband, Philip, and I homeschooled and graduated our children, as well as others through the years. We have taught kids with no learning challenges, as well as kids with severe Dyslexia, Autism, and Developmental Delays. I teach two different course paths here: Sign Language and Business. Sign Language is my Life-Long-Love. I took my first Sign class when I was 6 years old, and just kept learning more and more each year. I started teaching Sign when I was 17, and have taught it ever since. I was an interpreter for many years, serving in different churches, the community, schools and for various conferences and concerts. American Sign Language is its own language and is considered a Foreign Language for those whose first language is spoken. In my classes, I teach conversational Sign, as well as History of Deaf Culture in America and around the world; the significance of ASL in modern society; the work of Deaf Pastors and Missionaries, those who minister in Deaf communities, and how we may also get involved in sharing the Gospel to those who are deaf and hard of hearing (did you know that less than 1% of Deaf people world-wide have been taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ?). I teach Introduction, Intermediate and Preparing to Interpret. My Business Stuff... I have my Master's degree in Human Resource Management, with a concentration in Career Development. I have taught at Montreat College, near Asheville, NC, for more than 20 years. My favorite courses to teach are Entrepreneurship, Management and Servant Leadership (where we study the Leadership of Christ). I also have a Business called Launched.Life where I work with individuals to create their own Career and Academic Maps, and with Entrepreneurs to develop Business Plans so they can start their own business. I teach three Business courses here: Career Launch (Middle School Explorers and High School Travelers), Business Launch (for budding Entrepreneurs), and Lead like Jesus. Hope we get a chance to learn together soon. ~Carroll Sue
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