Conversational Sign Language (ASL 2)

Taking what students have learned in previous class, we will continue adding new vocabulary, and we will build conversations to increase fluency in both signing and reading signs.  Students will develop fluency through signing with each other, story-telling, voicing ASL, and interpreting songs, and portions of sermons and lessons. Classes are limited to 10 students […]

JULY 2021 Summer Sign Club: Introduction ASL – The Next Step (Intro 2)

Introduction: The Next Step.  If you already have the Manual Alphabet down pat; can fingerspell and read someone else fingerspelling pretty well; and you know 30-40 Signs already, then go ahead and jump in here.  Each week we will practice fingerspelling and numbers, and will add Nature Signs and Church Signs.  By the 3rd week […]

JUNE ASL Culture Club – Level: Conversational or Silent

Culture Club – Level: Conversational or Silent If you are someone who loves the Arts and cannot seem to get enough of them throughout the day, the Culture Club is going to be your band of peeps.  This club is for you individualists who like visiting Museums or Art Galleries; Painting landscapes or sculpting; or […]

JULY ASL: Adventurers Club – LEVEL: Silent

Adventurers Club – LEVEL: Silent If you’re the hiking-climbing-kayaking-spelunking-gotta-get-out-there type, then the Adventurers Club is for you.  Each week this club’s participants are encouraged to get out and about in their neck of the woods and then come back and share their experiences with the group.  Outdoor experiences develop our minds and bodies, and it […]

AUGUST 2021 Summer Sign Club: Introduction ASL – The Diving Board (Intro 3)

Introduction: The Diving Board.  If you are confident with your fingerspelling, and aren’t afraid to start a conversation with someone in ASL, then this is the group for you.  This is 4 weeks of learning how to converse with your friends and then how to introduce yourself and engage in a conversation with someone who […]

JUNE 2021 Summer Sign Club: Introduction – ASL Basics (Intro 1)

Introduction: ASL Basics  Come on in and get your feet wet in the shallow end of the Signing Pool.  You will learn the manual Alphabet, Common Greetings, Family and Relationship Signs, and the basics of ASL Syntax. This is a fun and encouraging way to learn the basics.  No previous experience necessary.  This class is […]

Helping Your Child Quiet Their Anxiety (For Parents of Any Age Student)

If anxiety is a daily struggle in your own life or the life of your child you know how crippling it can truly be. In a fight against the world’s normalization of anxiety this 4 part course will teach brain basics, body awareness, spiritual truths, and give practical tools to help transform your mind. I […]

Institute for Excellence in Writing/ Following Narnia Vol 1: The Lion’s Song (Semester 2)

Using the first three novels of The Chronicles of Narnia (The Magician’s Nephew, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and The Horse and His Boy),  and the IEW workbook Following Narnia Volume 1 this series of  lessons beckons students to experience the enchanted land of Narnia through structure and style. Learning the art […]

Family Sign Language – Part 1

Cost is PER FAMILY.  Here is an opportunity for the family to learn a language together, learn another way to communicate with each other, and discover a way to minister to others in Jesus’ name. Sign Language is a beautiful, attainable language, and this class can be enjoyed by students and parents from age 10 […]

Introduction to Sign Language – Part 1

Sign Language is Fun and Engaging and so is this class. This class is intentionally small so students can build friendships as they get to know each other.  These are LIVE classes, not videos.  This is a 14 week course. I am an experienced teacher, and have been teaching Sign for more than 25 years. […]