Colonial America

Lets make history come alive on an exciting travel adventure back to the time of Pilgrims, hornbooks, and new settlements. We will learn about the first settlements, the Native Americans,  their homes and villages, how they loved their daily life, school, work and more.

Story of the World: Volume 3/Early Modern Times (2nd-5th) Fall-Part 1

Story of the World is a well-written four-year history that opens doors into the history of the world, through short, engaging stories, written for young minds. The accompanying Activity Book includes review cards, coloring pages, maps, and many supplemental, hands-on activities. In the ’20-’21 school year we will study Volume 3: Early Modern Times, which […]

American Girl History

American history comes alive with rich tales offered by the American Girl books. Not just for girls to learn from, but for boys as well! Using the well loved series, we will dive into engaging and entertaining first hand accounts of the fictional little girls that lived in different periods of America, from 1764 to […]

Living Science Nature Study

Nature study is one of the most amazing ways to ignite a passion and curiosity for science! By cultivating a sense of wonder and awe of the world around us through intention and investigation, we can spark a light of lifelong learning. Through this nature study, we will have weekly subjects to investigate including moon […]