Helping Your Child Quiet Their Anxiety (For Parents of Any Age Student)

If anxiety is a daily struggle in your own life or the life of your child you know how crippling it can truly be. In a fight against the world’s normalization of anxiety this 4 part course will teach brain basics, body awareness, spiritual truths, and give practical tools to help transform your mind. I […]

Foundations in Art

Art is about discovery and should be FUN!  Together we will explore many different artistic styles and mediums (that’s fancy for art materials like clay, paper, crayons, etc.)  We will make our way through the history of art and learn about some of the famous artists and their styles.  Then it’s our turn to create […]

Introduction to Spanish

This class will be a fun and engaging beginning level Spanish. We will learn introductory vocabulary for the world around us and basic conversational skills. together, we will use fun, hands-on strategies to build new language skills.

The Strong Child “Reading and Writing Workshop”

“Children Learn What They Live!”  (Caption for Picture!) “Reading and Writing Workshop for Young Children” “Children learn what they live!”  They learn by imitation and modeling!  They learn from us: parents, teachers, friends, etc.  Just like baby ducks learn to swim from their mothers, children learn through imitation and modeling defined as imprinting.  From my […]

Discover the World with Books

Jump on a magic carpet ride and let’s explore the World in all its wonder, beauty, and diversity through engaging read aloud time. Each class we will explore a new country, magically hopping from one continent to the next, learning about the people, food, culture, and so much more! With the power of award winning […]