Homeschool 101

Let us take the frustration out of getting started! Learn how to get started, choose curriculum, organize your homeschool, teach multiple ages at once and much more in this 4-part podcast series available to everyone!   Listen here!

Learn Your State Regulations

Need to know what steps to take to start homeschooling? Visit our interactive map to learn about your state laws, regulations, requirements and more.


Virtual Classrooms

My Home School Family’s online classrooms offer your child the opportunity to receive an unprecedented education from the comfort of your very own home!

MHSF Educator Training!
Aug 13th & 20th, 6pm - 7pm+

Hey everyone!  Kim Mathieu will be conducting two free online webinar sessions via Zoom to cover the key features of the MyHomeSchoolFamily.com website focused towards Educators and Tutors. Items of discussion will be Class Creation, Dashboard Management, Quiz Creation, Financial Aspects and more. Kim will also be conducting a Q&A at the end of the demonstration to answer any questions pertaining to items covered in this or other parts of the website. Register HERE!

Video Tutorials Now Available!

Do you want to be as fluent on the MHSF website as our developers? It is easy by just clicking over to our Tutorial page to learn how to master your specific account!  No matter if you want to create a class, sell an item, or even take a quiz, its all there!

Oh, and always watch for the cute little blue “play-globe” icon throughout the site for access to our quick-tutorial links so you never have to leave the page your on to master it!


All About My Home School Family

Our goal was to create a single location where families can learn about homeschooling, get started in their journey,  buy & sell curriculum, take live classes and even earn money being a teacher or tutor!! Think “One Stop Shop” where you can go to for all of your homeschool needs, while receiving ongoing support from our team as well as other homeschooling families.



Membership is not necessary, but if you wish to buy or sell curriculum, enroll in our classes, or become an educator on our site, please click below to create a free membership account.

Featured Spotlight

Welcome, Chris Noetzel to the My Home School Family!  Chris is a multi-faceted teacher in our community and we are thrilled to have her!  She is an actor and producer who has been teaching and directing for over 20 years. She also has a love of literature, so you will find her teaching classes in that genre as well.  Take a moment to watch her video and then head on over to check out the variety of classes that she is offering, beginning in August!


Class Cancellation

If you would like to cancel and be removed from a specific class, please read and fill out the required areas

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Does your Cancelation Request fall within the Guidelines stated above?
If you are Canceling outside of the Refund Policy and Requesting a refund due to extenuating circumstances, please give a brief description in box bellow. The educator will review your request and make their decision accordingly.